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Our Job Is Never Done

Manufacturers and vendors owe a duty of care to consumers. Virtually anything that has movable parts and/or is designed to be marketed and sold to the public may fall under the umbrella term “product.” Both those who make the products and those who sell the products owe a duty of care to warn consumers of hazards and protect them from preventable harm.

Products Liability Claims

Through products liability claims, consumers are able to hold manufacturers and distributors responsible when using the dangerous or defective product results in an injury. For example:

  • Automotive equipment that should enhance, not detract from, auto safety including tires, brakes, steering components, doors, car bodies
  • Toys and baby equipment including, for example, high chairs, car seats, cribs and playpens
  • Household products: lawn mowers, exercise equipment, appliances, tools and machinery

We are experienced in products liability cases and have been able to obtain multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of our clients, including having won what was, at the time, the biggest jury verdict in Nevada against Ford Motor Company. If you have been injured as a result of a defective product, the experienced attorneys at Durney & Brennan are here to help.

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