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Cyclist Injury Law Help
in Reno, NV

There’s no escaping the fact that cyclists often suffer devastating injuries on the road. Bicycles and motorcycles simply aren’t built with the same kind of protective standards as cars; there isn’t as much in the way to protect cyclists from harm. That typically means even higher medical expenses in the event of a tragedy.

Keeping Your Best
Interests in Mind

Seeking proper recompense only makes sense in these situations. Our firm will be happy to help you claim just compensation for your injuries. Our knowledge of the law allows us to offer competent representation, even in situations where other legal practitioners might have difficulty proving fault.

Getting you the appropriate compensation is our focus as a firm. After all, the injuries cyclists often suffer can deprive you of livelihood, in addition to causing high medical bills. Having a means to make up for that is necessary to maintain the hope for a complete recovery and continuing to maintain the quality of life.

Keeping our focus on you helps us to ensure that everything in our legal representation serves your best interests. Our clients deserve a high quality of life regardless of their injuries, and we’re committed to sticking by you through various levels of the court system to ensure you get what you deserve.

Bicyclists Are at Higher Risk

Anywhere that bicycle and motor vehicle traffic meets, there is a high chance for problems to happen; unfortunately, car-bicycle accidents can result in serious injury or death. Most bicycle accidents involve right-of-way violations, where a motor vehicle fails to yield to the smaller and slower-moving bicycle. Many drivers are distracted, unaware of how to properly handle the situation, or prone to misjudging distances. Something as simple as driving too closely can lead to serious injury.

You deserve more than simply to be a statistic, though. Cyclists should be respected for their position on shared roads and treated appropriately. If a motor vehicle driver has caused an accident, they need to be reminded of their illegal actions and compensate you for the losses you’ve suffered. We can help.

We’ll look at the circumstances that led up to the injury and compare them against the existing laws for the Reno area and the state of Nevada to ensure you are treated as fairly as the law allows. The same is true when we’re dealing with motorcyclists; in fact, the representation can be even more important in these situations.

Injuries to Motorcyclists

Cyclists riding motorcycles tend to suffer extensively during accidents. Responsible bikers wearing all the right protective gear shouldn’t be punished for their choice of transportation. That’s why ensuring you get adequate representation is important—to you and to us.

While riding a motorcycle is exciting, many riders suffer serious injuries or death when there is an accident between a motorcycle and an automobile. The bike’s acceleration combined with the comparative ease of another vehicle disrupting a rider’s balance is an accident waiting to happen around less-than-careful drivers. There are clear laws to help protect motorcyclists in Nevada and we will use them to help you.

If you or a family member have been injured while riding a bicycle or a motorcycle, the experienced attorneys at Durney & Brennan are here to help. Reaching out to us will help you get back on your feet faster. All it takes is a simple call to reach one of our associates and begin the discussion.

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