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Automobile Accidents and Injuries in Reno, NV

Life has enough challenges on its own without an auto accident changing your life forever. A single accident can result in a serious acute or chronic injury.  It’s important to meet with an attorney to see what your rights are when you have been injured by someone else.  At Durney and Brennan we will give you an honest evaluation of your case and we will work to get you fair compensation for your injuries.

Representing Victims of Other Mishaps

Putting our client first is key, as we know you’ll be suffering enough already. We’ll work with you to provide a clear, easy-to-understand path toward litigation and compensation. Helping you take control of your life again is an important thing for us and we want you to feel like you have a choice again.

While automotive accidents are the most common kind of accident we handle, we represent victims of other kinds of mishaps, as well, including other vehicle and workplace injuries. Many of them are simply broader categories, and there is potential for us to help you with similar cases.

We Help With Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents

Roads can be unsafe for everyone on them, and this danger increases depending on how protected of a vehicle you’re riding in or on. As a result, accidents involving bicycles and motorcycles tend to be among the worst. Victims of such accidents simply don’t have the protection of larger vehicles like cars and trucks.

All of this creates a situation where medical bills can be even more expensive for those involved in such accidents. It makes getting good personal injury representation that much more necessary. You also want to find attorneys knowledgeable in those areas to ensure you get properly compensated.
The good news is that we can help you. Our firm is experienced in litigating various kinds of vehicle accidents for our clients. We’ll find the laws that will allow you to claim your just compensation and repay the medical bills that help you reclaim your life.

Construction Accidents and Injuries Deserve Attention

Working in a physically demanding job like construction is a difficult enough task on its own. Long days out in the punishing weather and around various compounds can take their toll. This is before you even start factoring in the various risks of injury associated with the profession.

We understand that accidents can and do happen in construction that may ultimately be no one’s fault. However, there are plenty of preventable accidents, as well, that can cause long-term injury and suffering. In partnership with our clients, we find the source of the problem and help them work toward a better life. All it takes it knowing where to look for the right legal precedent; all it takes is contacting Durney & Brennan.

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